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GK México

Ethical line of anonymous complaint,

without data that compromises you.


ESR Executive Representative

Telephone: 981 81 199 50;


Mr. Benjamín Díaz Magaña

ESR Executive Representative



Corporate Social Responsibility is the commitment to work for the benefit of our stakeholders to contribute to a better future for all. We are convinced of the commitment we have with society and the expectation that it has placed on us.

We currently implement plans and programs for the benefit of education, health and the environment towards our employees and links with society. These activities are having a positive impact on the community, on the associates and on the organization, and have motivated us to professionalize our socially responsible actions, representing our business ethics by guaranteeing the quality standards of our company.

We are a group of companies oriented and engaged in the implementation of best practices and initiatives of corporate social responsibility, thus achieving our main goal in the search for instruments of transformation and social development.

We take into account and involve staff, shareholders and suppliers in their investment and social development programs.


We take responsibility for the impacts on our decisions and activities, and to integrate social responsibility throughout the Organization and its relationships, in order to increase our ability to behave in a socially responsible manner, through supervision and putting into practice the principles of responsibility Social.

Decision making in our company allows us to:

  • with our clients: Offer our guests the best personalized accommodation experiences, exceeding their expectations with the excellence of our best services.
  • with society: Actively seek ways to generate prosperity and sustainable development in the communities where we are present, respecting and promoting their culture, traditions and ethical values.
  • with the environment: Contribute to preserve the environmental and landscape environment, ensuring the impact of our activities and promoting awareness of sustainability.
  • with our suppliers: Provide our professionalism and ability to build lasting relationships based on trust, respect and mutual benefit.
  • with our collaborators: Offer the best opportunities for professional development, economic stability and a good work environment, with equal recognition of commitment, talent and achievements.
  • with our shareholders and investors: Manage our company with criteria of transparency, firmness and good governance, to achieve profitability and increase in value in the medium and long term.
  • with our owners and partners: Offer the best services to make your investment profitable, managing all processes with professionalism, seriousness and trust.



The company must:

  • establish a committee on the environment.
  • establish procedures that help the care and preservation of the environment in its area of responsibility.
  • consider each environmental activity that you implement must take into account the applicable legal requirements.
  • establish guidelines to identify and control those environmental aspects within the scope of its responsibility in the environment where it operates, including air, water, soil, natural resources, flora, fauna, human beings and their interrelations.
  • optimize your processes that achieve improvements in your environmental performance.
  • perform environmental impact studies when your operations involve some change in the environment.
  • provide periodic training related to all collaborators.


CSR Alliances

  • Karims Mexico Group Foundation
  • Yucatecan Entrepreneur Foundation
  • Karims Textile & Apparel Mexico S de RL de CV
  • Ammar Apparel II S de RL de CV
  • South East Manufacturing S de RL de CV
  • Grupo Hotelero y de Servicios SA de CV
  • Desarrollo Comercial y Residencial SA de CV
  • Sagrada Familia Dining room
  • A human caress IAP
  • Multiple Attention Center # 4 (CAM4)
  • Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT)
  • National Human Rights Commission
  • Special Education Rehabilitation Center (CREE)



Provide our customers with products and services of superior quality and value, serving their needs with efficiency and honesty, making them our partners and allies. In return, we will be rewarded with sales leadership, generating wealth and prosperity for our employees, associates, shareholders and the communities we serve.


To be the leaders in our business, personnel manager, professional and technical services, commercial and industrial real estate, hosting services, offering the best added value in our products and services always exceeding the expectations of our clients.

Ethical values.

Honesty, Belonging, Loyalty, Commitment, Honesty, Humility, Solidarity, Social Responsibility.


Respect, Discipline, Excellence, Competitiveness, Service, Open Mint, Persistence, Teamwork.

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